Dream On-Demand Marketplace

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Here is an example presentation for an on demand marketplace.

Prior to the presentation introduce the founders. You want to build ethos with the audience. Highlight relevant experience to build credibility.

The goal of the pitch is draw an investor in further. You want to establish a large problem that your team is uniquely suited to fix.

  1. Intro

    This is the highest level what does your company do.

  2. Problem

    What is the problem and why does it exist?

  3. Solution

    What is your value proposition - how do you solve this problem faster, cheaper, better. Show is better than tell. Demo!

  4. Market

    How big is this problem? Is this market well suited to a new marketplace? Convey an overwhelming sense of your knowledge of the intricacies of your market.

  5. Unit Economics

    The business model. A marketplace lives and dies on this slide.

  6. Traction

    Show progress and momentum. Up and to the right!

  7. Go To Market

    You’ve established this is a big market and a real problem but how scalable is your solution?

  8. Competition

    Competition can validate a market. Demonstrate your unique value proposition.

  9. Team

    Highlight founders’ background and experience. Why are you uniquely suited to succeed here?

  10. Ask

    Summarize existing financing and investors, how much you are looking for and what will you accomplish with this capital.

  11. Appendix.

    The best pitches anticipate questions that an investor leaning in might have. The two I always care about are:

    1. Greater detail on the product and tech
    2. Customer cohort data

Code and Data

Here is a R script for simulating a simple marketplace and generating these graphs.