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About Me

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I’m a partner at the venture capital firm Redpoint. I apply a product and engineering background to early stage tech investment with a bias toward marketplaces. I’m always up for a coffee or call and you can reach me here.

Quick background for my story - I grew up in Silicon Valley and started in tech early with an internship at Google in high school. I then spent four years on the east coast at Princeton where I studied Operations Research and Financial Engineering with minors in Computer Science, Finance and Engineering & Management Systems. Upon graduation, I joined Google full-time starting in a quantitative engineering role working on the search ad system. I later switched into the Associate Product Management program at Google and worked as a PM on the YouTube Search and Discovery team.

Always intending to start a company, I spent a year on leave from Google in an internship at KPCB. I became close to the lunatic fringe of start up life and left to co-found PrimaTable. After a series of business model experiments, we ultimately sold the company to Hotel Tonight where I was VP Product immediately prior to joining Redpoint.

I’ll be writing about tech industry from my experience as a VC, sharing thoughts from the perspective of a former engineer, data and product guy. Let me know what you want to hear.